Silence, O silence, where has your mystery of union left me? In this midst of an enigmatic cloud of unknowing I search myself, touching, reaching, pulling, always stirring away at my dreams, for who, but I? Am I not in this hypostatic union with the Lover of loves? Why, never has there been a love as this. Delve into the mystery of God for without this mystery of the Immortal One I remain lost to chaos in the streets of a corruptive clamor bellowing insults to the demons in the streets. And, they with their fiery eyes screech back with whispers in my gifted mind of sanity stealing away at what is really in my incarnated heart, but silence heard with a Voice mighty as this choir of angels and, silence as deep, though still as a tranquil lake high upon a mountain-top with clouds of knowing his Name.

As I witness from my earthly bed, this mystery of a silent way, my eternal home appears distant as I do not hear the Voices or see the flashes of light any longer, but, I know, they are still with me. And, within this calm stillness I recognize an old friend. I come to remember his knock on my heartโ€™s door, and I miss him. I miss him terribly so. And, perhaps, in a micro-atomic second, I shall see, or hear, or feel his Presence, once again. I recall a day when I searched for him as a child plays hide-and-seek with her precious friend. In an unabandoned earnest I searched for him traveling long distances over much desert sand to discover my Beloved friend. He is here, with me always, I had just forgotten how to look.

2 thoughts on “Silence: My Love

  1. Oh how lovely! So true that the Beloved is always with us, and that we just have to remember how to look. Your poems are constantly breaking new ground…keep writing and sharing please!

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    1. Judith, thanks very kindly. Living a severe life of suffering has carried me through to drawing near to God, and relying on Him more and more each day. Through writing, more discoveries are made. Thank you for your visit.

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