John G Evans © 2019

Stony hearts wait upon a bed of fiery coals, giving the essence of we away freely, with nothing else to lose. We play in the danger zones of regimented minds and melodies from ancient times, as King David, and, the eyes of his barbed heart. We wait in our tall grasses where we strike at our hidden dreams, far from here, and, for a conquest of love.

So, here I am, running, running still, after the dreams of love affairs made from steely notes and mystic seers from ancient truths high upon the highest of metaphorical hills, I am running still to the one I love.

Where has time evaporated with lights in my mind and eternal frights? I become afraid of the darkness and stillness of the night, and, eternal frights. I call out for you with no regrets and no threats from an enmity I did not create.

I have been a fool in all my heart worries and stuck within the moment for this hypostatic union, between you, and I, and our God within.

Why, this fire of letting go burns to the core until nothing exists but bone and soul. Burnt ashes of flesh and bone, stinging, a bloody asp-bitten wound that fills the encore of a lover’s life. I continue to run into the way of my lover’s arms. This hazel-eyed man falls into the abyss of a brown-eyed woman’s heart, and now I know, I do not wish to leave. I am home like the fresh scent of a Jasmine leaf.

Come, let us carry the other away into a paradise not often found within this earthly realm. The heart has many mansions. Many rooms. Let us fill the heart with each other’s trust into a world filled with hope, and, each other.

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