John G Evans © 2019

This mystical spiral staircase within the fabric of our DNA evolves the ancient story of our existence deep within our bones where there remains a knowing or unknowing. It is here I ponder this mystery and I, and to my sensitivities I climb onward into thickets and wood, naked before the Beloved who is always near me, but my eyes do not see, as my body is blind.

My soul catches the fire of love between us, a fire that cannot be tamed, kindled only by the sparks within our eyes, my soul may speak:

My burdens are light before God, I lie down in the green shadows of pasture and sky with no one but he, for he is kind and gentle, a love to be with as I recall this day not of a redemptive story, of revealing all or nothing liabilities that slander his very love, but by the sweetest of scent he transforms as friend…and I like this gentle and fiery love, I am his.

Heaven is neither here nor there, but a transcendence of hearts that convey an intimacy so deep even the oceans have not met their due measured in full.

I carry on through the lessons taught me as a child, an adolescent, and even as a military man. Love may overshadow us in many forms, and it is not up to I to question its existence, but to conquer the world through acceptance and through a faithful cooperation with my Beloved.

Remain near, dear sweet Lord, for the mystery of you and I are not skeletons in a closet of lies, but riddles as clouds that float copiously across the sky. Remain dear sweetness, for through all these years I see you and have caught the whiff of your love, and I am ready to stand forth with you, with all my belongings of which remain only of a fleshly heart.

It remains not that I have been feminized though at one time considered this path. No! Love is not of gender and I with conditions and liabilities that lie. Love is of he who first came near and presented himself as a childhood friend.

And, upon an early morning rise as a child I wandered this path to discover my new love. He led me to a place of great beauty. Through the woods I fall upon a small pond of tadpoles, and dragonflies with their stellar paths of flight upon the icy transparent sheets of frozen rain. The clouds from upon the crowns of trees draw near as they envelope me in a cocoon of unfathomable glory bid only by a Creator who knows nothing more than to love as a small child.

Speechless, and surrounded by this tiny marsh teeming with life, as I recall, the clouds remained with me as I know not how I found my way home. But, in thinking so, never quite left home, for he is always near, and always with me. Stay near, for I am your lover, and will eternally lie in wait for our continued rendezvous.

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