John G Evans © 2019

It is in facing your worthy truths as unworthy that commits your soul to hell, the opposites of truth are the realities we must accord ourselves to. It is a truth from the father of all lies. In all the universe there remains nothing unworthy from the Creator who is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, for God is the omnipresence of his own likeness in humanity.

Upon this mountain-top of earth and sweet scent of grass the wind shall blow even in the darkness of an embittered nightfall I shall know. It is the Holy One breathing the future into words as this long estrangement burns thy dusty paths.

Year upon year, and decade upon decade, I have searched for You! You have come to me through the inkwells of time onto a parched earth of the sun-scorched land, here is where I create my estranged new stand.

Entombed by the corpse for a faltered truth, one that begets the humanity factor as the sweetness of scent creates within me something new. A thing of Real beauty is to know a love that shall not fail me, or you, dear One, sweetness of the desert flavor written upon every tongue to speak its unwavering truth, to write from within the bones and blood of our spiritual genes, devour not thy strength but go forth phenomenally created, wandering me, till together we become, You and I.

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