Inspired by Walt Whitman

John G Evans © 2019

As I sing of myself, I sing of one greater than I, for there remains further to know than just me. There remains a knowing not yet yielded by the earth of insect and worm, but sing, as of, yet – thus, sing!

Far none greater than God may attest to his freedom to be bold enough to say I love you, or her, or of him. I know. For with tongue and fore, I forge onward to man’s core, and even to a woman’s breast, I sing forth, of the truth to love, or be loved by any with a heart that says so. I fear not the traveling of angels and of serpents coiled to strike at the heel.

My knowing is from dimensions far, far away from the flesh or, of the carnal, I say – be free, and simply just know the distance between heaven and earth remain the distance between you and between me.

Lying upon the threshold of a dying corpse remains a knowing from the interior of a universe so vast I comprehend the universe not, or of God not, but between the fiery souls of men receive freedom the earth, thus denies and lay in wait for its destruction.

Needless to say – there is freedom in song, and voices from nowhere that lead me to the perimeters between good or evil. I fear not. As God stands with fiery sword at the Eastern gate of what once was Paradise, I see between the sparkling diamonds made out to be eyes of the cherubim that speak to me of transparency and the freedom you cannot find.

For me – remains truth far greater than I in the quiet and soothing distillery of a man’s soul. Take from me to discover your knowing and to release the stream of life known only by the drops of ink left upon a virginal page of white.

There remain more to God than pointing a finger…blaming me for not being you. These words are not of words I do not understand, for it is in knowing we come to the brink of our redemptive state of being.

2 thoughts on “Sing, as of, Yet – thus, Sing!

  1. Dear Judith, I am inebriated by your sense of putting words to describing that which cannot be described. I am, of course, speechless. Thank you for taking notice to potentially one of my best works. I am ecstatic, and free as a bird.

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